Kesha is back! Watch her latest music video for the single 'Praying' from her first album in 5 years

Kesha is attempting to re-brand herself in a major way.

The 30 year old chart-topping popstar, who's mostly known for her wild-party-poppers like 'Tik Tok', 'Die Young' and 'Timber,' is striking back with her third studio album after a long-drawn hiatus from the music scene.

'Rainbow' is Kesha's first studio effort in over 5 years, following a tumultuous legal battle with producer Dr. Dre, whom the singer accused of  sexual harassment, leading up to several professional tumbles in her career.

Kesha is trying to get past the drama with her musical return and first single from the LP entitled, 'Praying' - which she has co-written herself.

Released on Wednesday, 'Praying' is the lead single from 'Rainbow', which speaks about overcoming the pain and torment inflicted upon the singer.

Watch the video to the single below and let us know what you think:

Kesha's, new style of music takes quite a turn from her previous image and persona, putting more stress on her vocals and the lyrical content of her songs.

Her musical and vocal style seem to have matured - perhaps taking experience from her personal torments, the California-native has attempted to create a sound that is now more relevant to where she stands today.

'Rainbow' is stated for a release on August 11, 2017.

Wishing her good luck in her second musical-innings!


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