Producer Irv Gotti claims Mariah Carey's feud with J Lo was fueled by her ex Tommy Mottola

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Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez have been feuding for longer than most fans of the two popstars would remember.

But before it all came to the public eye, the two were already being pitted against each other by their respective label executives - a story that has been speculated over for a long time.

Now record producer Irv Gotti has claimed that Mariah's former hubby Tommy Mottola had intentionally released and promoted Jennifer Lopez's "I'm Real" around the same time as Carey's "Glitter" to spite against his estranged wife.

In an interview with the hosts of Desus and Mero, Gotti said Mottola plotted it all to harm Carey, whom he despised at that time. “At the time, he hated Mariah Carey, so he was pumping Jennifer Lopez to compete,” he explained. “So he calls me 6 or 7 o’ clock in the morning, and he says, ‘Irv, I need you to do me a favor. I need you make a record with J.Lo, but I want you to put Ja Rule on it and make it a duet.’”

The remix entitled, "I'm Real" - was thus created with a similar sound that Gotti was already working on with Mariah for her 'Glitter' project. As it turned out, "I'm Real" became quite a success on the Billboard charts, while Carey failed to make a mark.

Watch Gotti explain more from the story in the video below:


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