Beyonce's "Lemonade" visual-album is now a University Course

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Beyonce Knowles' critically acclaimed visual masterpiece, "Lemonade" has now been turned into a University Course.

The Pop superstar's 2015 released Grammy nominated album, will be studied by Chatham University students who're taking, faculty Alexandra Reznik's first-year classes for her writing course.

Reznik chose the album over others due to the variety of subjects it spoke on and its relevancy in the present time. Her students will now study the album to write multiple papers deriving their personal outlook on it.

Defending her choice of subject, Renik said, "Whether you like her or not, she’s a prominent cultural figure, in our faces, people usually have strong opinions [about her]."

Renik will also push her students to write-down and analyze precisely why or why don't they like the 'Run The World' singer. Reznik believes, 'Lemonade' is accessible because of the vast area of topics it covers - ranging from, infidelity, religion, inequality and more.

'Lemonade' may have missed out on winning 'Album Of The Year' Grammy to ADELE, but the album is still turning itself into a cultural phenomenon - almost 2 years after its release.

Although, we're not sure how credible the subject would be - for students of literature, still as Queen B lovers - we're all hyped about this!

What are your thoughts?

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