Dove issues apology after 'racially insensitive' ad sparks criticism, "We missed the mark"

Source: Dove/Twitter
Dove's attempt to be more 'racially inclusive' in its beauty adverts hit back at the personal care brand.

The recent ad for a soap by the brand, showcased a woman of color removing her shirt, to reveal a white woman wearing a lighter shade of shirt - who then removes her own clothing to reveal another woman of a different color.

Dove's failed attempt at an 'all-inclusive-beauty' campaign did not go down well with its viewers, who called the commercial racially insensitive, leading to a fury of severe backlash on various social media outlets.

After removing the advert, the company finally issued a statement of apology, addressing the issue and acknowledging that they pretty much screwed up!

Here is what the official statement from Dove said on their Facebook handle:

Although, the brand has immediately attempted to do some damage control - people are still sending them a flurry of complaints as online debates continue to heat up!

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