Kim Burrell talks falling on stage: "Everybody wishes they could fall in $1,800 boots"

Screengrabs of video shared on YouTube
Kim Burrell's image has taken quite a tumble in 2017.

Apart from her homophobic remarks earlier this year, which subjected her to massive backlash online - the Gospel singer recently took a tumble during a congregation performance and it got Twitter popping all sorts of jokes.

Some people called it 'Karma' for her derogatory remarks against the LGBT community.

Responding to her online trolls, Kim recently posted a video on her Facebook in which she threw a snarky bit of shade stating, "Everybody wished they could fall in $1,800 boots."


Watch her full response below:

Oh! And if in case you wanted to 're-live' the moment of her 'fall', here it is:

And here is the video of her "fall from grace" a la "career suicide":


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