Zac Effron recalls his emotional call to Michael Jackson: "We both started crying"

Imagine being able to speak to your greatest inspiration in-person and professing your love to them. Better yet, imagine that person praising you for your own work instead.

Zac Effron's telephonic interaction with the legendary Michael Jackson is the stuff of such epic dreams.

The 30 year old heartthrob recently appeared on The Graham Norton show, and recalled the instance when he got to speak with the late King of Pop over a phone call.

It was almost ten years ago, during his new-found fame - courtesy of Disney's 'High School Musical' series, when Effron along with directory Kenny Ortega was attending a ceremony in Paris.

Zac recalled how MJ made a surprise-call on Ortega's phone, to show appreciation over his work in High School Musical.

It only took Michael Jackson to praise Zac's work in 'HSM' and say "I'm a huge fan", to make an already overzealous Effron burst into tears, but when Zac in-turn, let Michael know about how much his music and work meant to him, MJ was so touched that he started crying too.

"I just started crying. I was a mess," Zac told Norton. "Literally, I was just making a fool out of myself. I slid down to the floor, pathetically and professed how much I loved him. Said, 'You're my hero. You're the reason I do what I do. Thank you so much Michael for everything."

"That made him cry. We were both crying to each other on the phone," Effron recalled.

Watch the segment below:

Why is it making us sob too?

RIP Michael.

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