Carrie Underwood reveals she got 40 facial stitches after an accident. "I may not look the same"

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Carrie Underwood shared a few details of her "freak accident"- as she calls it, that left her with injuries on her wrist and face. 

The country superstar had previously shared details of a random accident at home, which involved her falling down the front steps - leading to an injury on her wrist. 

Disclosing shocking new details about the accident, Underwood revealed that she also incurred severe injuries to her face, which required her to have around 40-50 stitches.

“There is also another part of the story that I haven’t been ready to talk about since I have still been living it and there has been much uncertainty as to how things will end up,” she said. “It’s crazy how a freak random accident can change your life.”

She further continued:

“In addition to breaking my wrist, I somehow managed to injure my face as well. I’ll spare you the gruesome details, but when I came out of surgery the night of my fall, the doctor told [Underwood’s husband] Mike that he had put between 40 and 50 stitches in.”

The singer then urged her fans to understand that upon her next public appearance - 'she may not look the same' - due to her facial stitches and injuries. 

“And when I am ready to get in front of a camera, I want you all to understand why I might look a bit different.”

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Although the singer did express composure over the fact that the incident wasn't any more worse, as it could have been.

“I honestly don’t know how things are going to end up but I do know this: I am grateful,” she adds. “I am grateful that it wasn’t much, much worse. And I am grateful for the people in my life that have been there every step of the way.”

Come through miss Carrie. Your true fans will love you, no matter what. 

Wishing her the best with the recovery process.

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